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Props for the cooperation factor

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Watched the children of my sister (9 and 7 years old) play 'the cave' yesterday. It was such a joy to see them solve the first dagon puzzle and the miners cart puzzle. The joy when they figured something out, but also the cooperation between the 2 of them figuring stuff out. I guess this was the first puzzle game they played since in the beginning they were quite 'puzzled' why certain things didnt just work. (like getting past the first monster)...

This really sparked a nostalig feeling for me when I first played monkey island it also was a very new territory for me, and the idea of pirates in a town (and not pirates killing everybody at random) really appealed to me.

This also happend to my nephew and niece they really started to pick favorites between the characters. And were actually happy they didn't have to just shoot the monster. But most of all I loved the way they started to get their little brains churning and the excitement they got by solving puzzles.

Thanks double fine for this experience :)

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