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[PS3] Bug with the Knight and his excalibur

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I've gotten this game when it was free on PSN+ a month or so ago.

I started playing with the hillbilly, adventurer and the monk first. Completed that with those 3 and then started further with the adventurer again, the knight and the twins.

Now... I am almost at the end of my game, but I can't continue. The knight simply doesn't want to drop his excalibur. I have noticed this throughout the game actually, that he didn't want to pick anything up because he didn't want to drop his excalibur. I thought it wasn't such a big deal, but now when I am at the end, I can't drop it to pick up the last trinket that I need to give the store manager... So that means that I am stuck and have come this far for nothing...

Is there a fix for this, please? I really don't feel like starting all over again, no matter what. Spend a lot of time on this game already, really can't be bothered anymore to play all those levels again.

I've read something about a 1.01 patch for PS3, but how do you even get that? My PSN+ is set to automatic updates, but it has never updated the cave since I got it tbh.

Any help is appreciated. I really want to end this game as soon as possible because I was totally hooked on it until this happened...


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