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Talk to X doll with Y doll

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I'm impressed by all the different conversations you can have in Stacking. Dolls will say different things to different dolls, and their dialogue will also change after certain events in the game.

There are a lot of jokes in there, but it would be pretty hard to try every possible combination. So I'm wondering if someone on the team would be willing to make some suggestions about the 10 or 20 best conversations that players are likely to miss.

Like, "try talking to X doll with Y doll." Or, "try talking to X doll after such and such event has happened."

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Oh, man, there's a lot of hidden stuff in there! Its been a few years since I wrote it all, so I can't remember all of it!

In general, the dialog for all unique dolls changes when:

- You complete one or all solutions for a challenge that they are associated with;

- You complete the primary playthrough of each level (Steamship, Zeppelin, etc...). Some of this dialog is rare to see, because you have to do things like complete Steamship, complete Zeppelin, go BACK to Steamship and talk to dolls. But you have to do this BEFORE you complete the Triple Decker Tank Engine because once that level is complete the dialog for the Steamship dolls and Zeppelin dolls changes again to reflect the world changing.

- Completing the primary playthrough of the entire game. Many dolls will say something to reflect the end game.

And also, dolls will generally respond differently based on the following qualities of the individual doll they are talking to:

- Gender (female, male)

- Age (child, adult, old)

- Animal (rat, dog, monkey, etc)

- Matched Set dolls. Will have a special response to other dolls in that set, and that response changes depending on whether or not you've found them all and stacked them together.

- Special Doll -- this is highly variable, but dolls that have a puzzle-solving ability, or dolls that can combine with another will often have a special response. For example, most dolls have a custom response to Meriwhether Malador (the farter).

I also tried to put a few side story threads in some of the characters. For example, the recreation officer in the Zeppelin level, who is in the brig. He has some very specific dialog after the Zeppelin has been solved, and this continues to change as every other level is solved. He has specific lines when talking to the Ambassadors and there's a little goofy story line about him being left behind on the Zeppelin to spy on the Baron's operations to ensure that no children are impressed into labor. But if you talk to the Ambassadors about it with other dolls, its clear that they're just trying to give the recreation officer something to do so he'll stop bother them.

This story, and many other little threads like it, are hinted at in a variety of loading screen "newspaper articles" which show up after primary playthrough of the whole game has been achieved.

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Thanks! I did not realize there was so much material in there. I'll go back and do some hunting.

Stacking is definitely a "tidbit-rich" game.

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