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marykate clark

FANTASY FORTNIGHT: ...What would you pitch if you were taking part in Amnesia Fortnight?"

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...it doesn't have to be that secret epic game idea you're keeping behind a special door in your mind.

But just think of an idea that you could see as your Double Fine game.

Have fun with it! (Concept art certainly welcome, too!)

Picture it...

Who is the protagonist?

Where is it set?

What happens in the game?


Your game idea has your own fingerprint and says something about you. What reflections do you see in your game idea?


PS. Yes, this is just for fun... but I think it's good to give your creativity some exercise, especially in the name of gaming. I'll even start things out with a game idea I imagined last night, but I'm eager to see what projects occupy your gaming daydreams. =-)

PPS. If you'd just like to reply to help build on or make suggestions about someone else's pitch idea... THAT'S COOL, TOO! =-D

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AS PROMISED... Here's my most recent game idea.


I'd like to make a game where the protagonist lives in a snowglobe. Travelling on a sled called Rosebud, the "hero" of the game explores the lands of various snowglobe worlds (each w/ portals to other snowglobe worlds). The game takes inspiration from Citizen Kane, Psychonauts and just slightly from a Pixar short that featured a snowman trying to migrate from one snowglobe to another.

It's a third person action/adventure/rpg w/ quests and other themed characters belonging to the different snowglobe worlds.

The protagonist faces choices of character/integrity (maybe some politics), exploring and collecting, encountering different creatures and snowglobe characters. Some snowglobes feature snow, some glitter (or a mix), some confetti, etc.

If it had multiplayer, it might resemble Journey... but with sleds.

There would even be a sandbox snowglobe world where players could build levels and create, (called Snowbox, of course). (You were thinking Snowcraft, too, admit it. I admit I did... but the other is more true to what I visualize, so Snowbox it is.)

I would have humor in it, including DF Easter eggs to be discovered.

I haven't sorted out the main quest, yet. Maybe there's a villain that wants to cause all but the villain's own snowglobe to leak and go dry?

I think that would probably be the biggest threat to a snowglobe short of being shattered.

The working title would be Citizen Snow. But I'd like to let players create and customize their player character and one NPC.

Anyhow, I could easily see the art direction follow the examples of many other DF games, but I'd want it to have a unique flavor, too.

That's all I've got, but I might edit this to add more later. =-)

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New idea... game based on illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages.


Protagonist explores the worlds of different books and completing quests for characters in the books.

Restoring the library thwarts an evil force from turning the library into an evil portal into the 3D world.

The royal librarian might help the 2D hero somehow, by inserting pages with sketched weapons, etc.

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I'd like to pitch a multidimensional platformer - where you at any given time can switch and rotate dimensions in a way that gives you two dimensions at any given time (2½D platformer, you'd switch the background dimension, then rotate into that, Fez style, except you can rotate both horizontally and vertically), at the same time as you have a physics/game mechanics rotation so that with any given triple of dimensions you get a set of three basic physics and game mechanics rules that govern how you play. The game would be more of an explorer than a puzzler, but with enemies that you depending on game mechanics at the time need to deal with in a particular way.

For a fortnight dev time, the concentration would probably be a single set of something like five dimensions or so, five different physics/game mechanics features that can be switched in, in a positively tiny level (because anything other than tiny will blow up huge effort wise when you have to get all the dimensions to work together at any particular place without procedural generation).

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Phantasy Baseball - Inspired by the Ultra mode of Baseball Simulator 1,000.

You manage a super-powered baseball team, where the powers double for in game bonuses and combat abilities. There's no team bus or plane. You have to trek across the wilds to get to each cities' stadium for your next series.

I'm torn about the Traveling: Either it is an old-fashioned RPG's open world exploration (like Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy) with random encounters, or it is a side scrolling beat-'em-up like Double Dragon or River City Ransom with monsters and bush league teams looking to pick a fight instead of play a game.

You can trade players when you reach each new city if you visit the Players' Union. All-Stars and trophies are awarded for in game and combat stats. Positions double as classes: Pitchers, Outfielders, Middle Infielders, Corner Infielders and Catchers

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This is the first one that came to mind:


A first-person survival game. You are an explorer of the frontier of space and your ship malfunctions. You crash land on the nearest habitable planet and you're forced to survive until you fix your ship or help comes.


You have several stats that you choose at the beginning of the game and can improve through actions or what's left of your ship's computer. The ship itself serves as the first shelter the player can use. The player can build new shelters, scavenge for food and explore the local area.

The player is given a beginning weapon with limited ammunition but if he wishes to explore he'll have to learn how to make a weapon. There are some rations in the ship but the player will soon have to start scavenging.

Gameplay elements:

First-person shooting/stabbing/fighting, item recipes, survival, sandbox.

Art style:

Low-poly, vibrant color. Hand-painted textures with a very cartoonish look. Alien plants and animals will need to be unique enough to look 'different' but similar enough that players can recognize their utility, i.e. poisoned mushrooms, berries, giant spiders, a sharp pointy stick, etc.

Character goals:

Sandbox survivals get boring after a while. The player needs multiple ways to win the game. Currently there are four possibilities:

Fix the ship, signal for help, find an alien ship, build a house (And live on the planet forever). Others may come up but these are four reasonable goals that can be made by a dev team in a short amount of time. Say two weeks?

Target platforms:

The game should be made for tablets/touch screens as well as PCs. Having a mouse or touch-screen only control system with simple first-person elements such as click or tap to attack, simple movement, etc. The challenge of the game is less in the character's ability to shoot things and more in his creativity and ability to find items to stay alive.

What makes this game different?

There are a lot of survival games out on the market already. This game needs to be unique enough to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition. How do we do this?

Unique art style: The game is set on another planet, we have free reign to make the game as pretty and vibrant as we want.

The stats system: The players actions and choices determine what he learns and how quickly he learns it. He can study at his computer to try and repair the ship, he can build a bunch of shelters to learn how to build a house, he can make signal devices, he can explore. Each time a stat increases the player gains different abilities or his abilities are enhanced.

The platform: Making the game available to phones and tablets means we can let the user pause the game and pull it out when he's between classes, or waiting at the doctor's office.

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