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Perks and Quirks Omnibus

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Starting this thread to collect community suggestions for "Traits" that can be passed down the bloodlines or randomly show up in a child. Get to it!

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Tunnel Vision: longer vision range but smaller cone of vision

Blood Thirsty: can move a longer distance if the movement ends with an attack

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Berserk or something like that should be in! Hitpoints < X result in chance to start a blood frenzy. The Hero will just blindly engage the next enemy.

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From Brad: Lone wolf (makes you more effective on your own, less effective close to allies)

Suggested to Jane: Sulfurous Farts (pulls demon aggro, penalizes allies?, fire effect interactions?)

Chummy (inverse of lone wolf)

Afraid of the dark (penalties to night fights, extra penalties if blind, bonuses to setting things on fire)

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Suggested to Jane: Sulfurous Farts (pulls demon aggro, penalizes allies?, fire effect interactions?)


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Quirks to consider:

Hemophilia - get injured, take longer to recover.

Anosmia - lack of sense of smell, the putrid scent of the demons has no negative effect on this hero, however there may be several downsides

Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled - Gains stats over maximum when afflicted with status ailments.

Insomnia - This hero has seen some things and they keep him up all night. +% to research, -Maximum stamina

Class Clown - suffers no morale penalties to overwhelming odds, pulls pranks on allied heroes

More to come.

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Fast learner: Plus to exp gain

Bulldog: Enemies that attempt to disengage or move through the character's threat zone take an attack and have a chance of being held there.

Heavily built: Reduced movement but plus to hp.

Dirty Fighter: Extra damage on flanked enemies and attacks from behind. (I understand this might be considered encroaching on rouge skills a bit but I think it would represent fighters who are more than willing to kick an opponent in the fork and if a rouge gets it that means they're extra vicious.)

Good Eye: Extended sight range

Pretty Face: Bonus to all party members of opposite gender

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Pretty Face: Bonus to all party members of opposite gender

@Vaklu, I like your suggestions! I'd love to have a Warrior rogue with Bulldog and Dirty Fighter. But how about this small change:

Pretty Face: Bonus to all party members of applicable sexual orientation

And how about these...

Dedicated Fashionista: +25% bonus to armor / accessories so long as they are the best currently available. Otherwise, -25% penalty to armor / accessories

Nasty, Brutish, and Short: bonus to hitpoints, strength, and crit; penalty to party members' morale and ability to move up heights

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Acrobatic: Plus to dodge

Scarred: Negative affinity with other heroes, chance to cause panic/fear in enemies

Fearless: Plus to hit, immune to panic/fear, negative to dodge/cover

and some fun/weird ones...

Foppish: Plus to affinity with other heroes, negative to armor

Seer: Negative affinity with other heroes, plus to intelligence, plus to sight/range

Albino: Negative affinity with other heroes, negative vision during day, plus to magic defense and attack

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Here are some of my off the cuff ideas:

Natural Leader - gains affinity with heroes easier

Gifted Tutor - Passes along more/increase strength skills/abilities to children in Keep

Fertile/Virile - Higher chance to produce children

Tactician - Supports allies better in combat

Weapon Master - Deals more damage with melee weapons

Expert Shot - Deals more damage with ranged weapons

Honored by Ancestors - More likely to have critical hits/Ancestor intervention

Crude - Gains affinity with heroes slower

Poor Tutor - Passes along less/not as strong skills/abilities to children in Keep

Barren/Impotent - Lower chance to produce children

Uncoordinated - Deals less damage in combat

Unfavored by Ancestors - Less likely to have critical hits/Ancestor intervention

Consideration is given for the "leveling up" of traits; good ones get better, "bad" ones could get less bad, or possibly reversed as appropriate. Essentially, any parameter of a character could have natural positive or negative be explored as a trait.

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I read this take on the lore of a nephilim that I find really interesting:

Nephilim: Sterile, destined for greatness, and destined to fall. At one point they lose their sanity and only one of their own blood can kill them. The trait creates tension as you don't know when it might happen, and is a nice sentiment to boot that a relative is the one who is forced to kill the nephilim.

Now on to the meat:

Traits should be split into categories:


What the character thinks of them self.

These traits aren't readily available for the immortal king, and has to be dug out either through interaction with them, or have another hero reveal the information to the king.

A lot of these are flaws and become growth traits when overcome.


What can affect others opinion toward the character.

These include reputation gained from exploits.

Revealed to everyone.


Traits that can be passed down to children.

Genius, dwarf, moron, strength. A lot of hereditary traits.


Traits that have been unlocked through growth.

This can be, for example, true bravery. An objective truth, as it can be marked in the actions the hero has taken: tendency of jumping in front of blows of allies, or remain standing when everyone else is overcome with fear. This is independent from internal and external views, though it will affect the likelihood of being viewed as brave by themselves and others.


Traits that affect mostly the social, but can have additional effects.

For example 'cunning' makes them slow to trust, but gives a reflex bonus.

'sharp tongue' could make them prone to hurt those who are sensitive, build relationships with those with a sense of humour, and effectively goad the enemy. This could mean, better taunt them, or have a chance to cause the enemy to have reduced accuracy for one turn.

I also want traits that change. Traits that can mark growth and change over time, and can imply choices that have been done in the past:

One kind of changing trait is called a seal:

They have 4 states:

Sealed, absolved, released and broken. There's also the rare corruption.

When sealed, they provide mostly negative effects, most common is a slight drain on experience gained.

When absolved, you simply remove the negative effects, and the seal is no longer in play.

When released (or 'overcome), all the experience drained by the seal is returned with some surplus as well as providing some benefit unique to the released trait. The benefits are often in regards to dealing with the issue of the trait.

Some seals can be broken which have various effects, most common being the removal of the seal.

Corruptions are so broad as to be unspecific.

The trait are represented as coins, and when the seal is released, the coin is flipped. When absolved, the coin is simply removed.



Seal: Untried:

Category: Growth, external.


Not having any real combat experience causes the bearer of this trait to receive reduced experience until placed in a true combat situation.

Effects: 5% reduced experience gain.

Release effects: (unknown until it is done) Become tried.

Release criteria: experience real battle

absolution effects: cannot be absolved.

break effects: cannot be broken.

Corruption effects: inexperience.

Released: Tried:

Category: growth


The bearer now has an understanding of true warfare. Even if training with sticks or stones, the bearer knows the burden.

Effects: 150% of sealed experience returned. 5% more experience gained from combat situations.

Corruption: inexperience: (to be detailed later)


Seal: Guilt:

Category: growth (internal)


until the bearer has been absolved, their growth is impeded. Being forgiven or given enough time of self reflection, the guilt will give way.


XP absorption: 5%,

current XP absorbed: X.

break effects: 25% of the experience absorbed will be returned upon breaking the seal of guilt.

Breaking criteria: 100 absorbed experience.

Absolution effects: 125% of sealed experience returned if absolved.

Absolution criteria: support from a friend or loved one.

Release effects: 150% of sealed experience returned if released.

Release criteria: Enough wisdom to see sense.

Corruption effects: bearer turns cold. (see cold trait)

Corruption criteria: more guilt than the bearer can handle.


Guilt can stack, and put the bearer out of commission for a while if their resolve isn't strong enough.

Enough experience with guilt can make the bearer "cold".

Ways to gain guilt: Culling of cities corrupted. Having to kill a loved one. An ally dying in a hero's vicinity.



Category: Internal, growth


though it may not be the label given by others, the bearer requires to prove his/her courage to him/herself.


Ways to lose:

methods can be several: taking damage, surrounding self with enemies, defending others. Support and kind words from someone dear could also help. (sort later)

Ways to gain:

can be something that plagued the person from his upbringing

Having someone close to them (literally and figuratively) die could give reason for them to blame themselves (variation of guilt).

This one is highly assuming on what possible mechanics might make it in, but it's an idea I liked:

Corruption: Cold:

Description: does not suffer guilt penalty any more, but is difficult to bond with. Relationships grow at a 75% reduced rate and decay at a steady rate. Fear of death is also reduced.

**this would make the person effective for assassination missions or a "necessary" culling if a spreading demonic corruption is a possible threat. It might not be good for the hero, but it's good for everyone else.**

ways to lose:

if by some miracle the cold-blooded person hasn't pushed people away, someone close to them can warm them again to lose their trait. Losing the trait could cause them to be put out of commission as they'll likely need some time to cope.

Ways to gain: stacking enough guilt.

When cold is 'released' it turns into


Trait: humble

category: personality


the humble do not judge. They get along with most characters, especially those with stains to their honor, justified or not. Relationships grow 10% faster.

Negative effects toward relationships from traits have 75% reduced effect toward the humble.

Their humility cause their reputations to be somewhat diminished, lowering the initial opinion people have of them. Initial opinion of the humble is 10% lower. Reputation is diminished.

This is an example of naturally complementary traits:

A person who is cold might reduce the opinion of others toward them by 50 points.

the humble person does not judge so the effect is reduced to 12.5 points. The negative growth rate is also reduced by 75%.

if you want the knight to lose the 'cold' trait, you might want to accompany them with someone who is humble.

Got a bit rushed. I'll probably sort it later.

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@Nazareadain I like some of the ideas you posted for types of traits, but i think that having seals, in the state you mention them would cause way too much involvement in each individual characters life (aka a ton of micromanagement). If the trait system isn't kept relatively simple, then it will detract from the overall idea of each character being less important then the legacy they leave on.

For instance say a battle happens once every 5 years, that means you would have possibly 10 good fights with any single character. To try and seal. absolve, and then release a trait for each character you have in that time, would either become bothersome if it was something that involved a lot of story-line requirements. Or it would become too automatic because you would have to go through it with each character.

Just my 2 cents.

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It's only to the same degree that gear is micromanagement. In this case, however, the traits can give an image of their history and personality that their gear do not. To me that's more important.

I don't see how it detracts from the bloodline at all. The heroes are here a finite amount of time. This doesn't change. Absolution, release and the likes only grant a way to dealing with the cards you've been dealt. In fact, that some of the traits can change means you can alter them in preparation of the next generation. In that way I'd say it emphasizes it as you're more prone to keep it in mind if you can do something about it, as opposed to shrugging it off, because these were the cards you were given and there's nothing you can do about it, so you might as well not think about it.

Keeping the traits in mind is something that you have to keep in mind anyway. The only difference is that in my case, you can gain or lose some. Same degree of autonomy, different consequences.

In the end, I'm just interested in the growth it can emulate. Brad seems to agree in the example given of having a "claustrophobic" (in actuality the person had a fear of melee encounters) warrior being able to deal the final blow despite his flaws and maybe finally overcoming his fear.

In terms of storyline requirements - there doesn't have to be any. There might be sidequests for various things, but don't make assumptions; it's not like I get to decide to what degree the traits generate sidequests, and it isn't like it isn't something that can't be tweaked. Disregarding sidequests, in my examples there are basically 5 methods of handling the situations: levelling up or getting enough stats or experience, fulfilling combat situational requirements, putting people together to build relationships (now there's more context and reasons than resulting offspring), gained from upbringing (implied), and randomly; things happen, people may or may not fight, get into arguments, repercussions from parents dying, and coping with loss... Things happen, and I enjoy it that way.

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Since I'm a medic I'm going to get creative with some inherited conditions and other negative traits:


Schizophrenia = hero is introverted (negative affinity with other humans) and more likely to panic and flee or attack team-mates. More likely if fostered, or parents have trait.

Depression = hero actions take longer, reduced movement range and attack power. May be temporary, such as after death of family or partner.

Epilepsy = hero randomly falls unconscious and convulses in battle, will recover after a random time but with reduced combat effectiveness. If hero was a mage-type, magical discharge occurs around him damaging all nearby proportional to magic stat. More likely if parents have same trait.

Parkinsons = reduced movement range, reduced dexterity. Rate increases with age.

Dementia = hero randomly does not respond to commands. Likelihood increases with age, and with parents that have trait.

Narcolepsy = hero randomly falls asleep in combat. more likely if parents have trait.

more to come later, but here are some other interesting ideas:

Haemophilia = continues to lose health after being hit, reduced movement range. Males only, X-linked Gene

Cystic fibrosis = reduced actions per turn, higher chance of illness, reduced fertility. Recessive gene

Huntingtons = Hero randomly attacks party members. Dominant gene

Acromegaly = Hero has improved strength, and is physically larger, but dies at a younger age. Random mutation

Turner syndrome = Infertility, dies younger. Females only. Random mutation

Savant = proficient in all weapon types(or abilities/skills depending on class). More likely with certain mental traits.

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Did the mention if traits are only defined at birth or if heroes will be able to gain traits as they age? I know there will be randomized ones that will differ from the parents but it would be interesting to see heroes gain traits if you repeatedly put them in situations; say they've often almost been killed with less than 5HP then they'll gain the trait "knows how to duck" which increases their chance to dodge.

Obviously that sort of progressive trait system would be harder to implement and maybe to complex when you've already got set traits at birth, but interesting.

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some of those diseases are really cool (I like haemophilia and acromegaly a lot) but perhaps need to be rebranded for the game. some of them sounds like they could just be too annoying though - like epilepsy. if that happens sometime critical I reckon it would just feel like the computer is screwing you over. possibly.

grudge-bearer - recieve major attack bonus against the enemy type that has inflicted the most damage and death to this character and his predecessors/house (with this trait) (this could also just be a general game mechanic and not a trait) think ahab.

egotist - bonus to heals and protects on yourself, minus to heals etc to fellow warriors.

overproud - cant be healed etc by others, or those have less effect. takes more damage in front of others (but are less likely to?) general positive boosts for balance.

thorough/ocd - actions take twice as long and are twice as accurate.

sixth sense - very rarely and randomly reveal/get a hunch where enemies are. maybe there could secretly be a "true" and false version where sometimes the person is wrong.

addict/alcoholic - if mushrooms or mead or something is involved in causing battle frenzy - this trait could make the warrior automatically use their stock randomly/prematurely. and/or it could give a boosted effect. maybe with medicine as well.

foul-mouthed - battle cry has better chance to instill fear in enemies and courage in friends. minus to affinity.

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Intense: Hero and allies perform actions with reduced time unit cost.

Coordinated: If this hero is attacking the same enemy as another hero with the coordinated trait they both gain a bonus to chance to hit and attack damage.

Nice Pair: Female Hero always births twins.

Stacked: Children which spend ages 0-3 under this female heroes care gain permanent bonus hp.

Avenger: If an enemy's attack causes a hero to lose consciousness any heroes with the avenger trait have an increased critical hit chance against him.

Gamesman: If this character is in the party enemies drop more items from bodypart lists (like Horn of Gotir or Neev Wing). Higher-level enemies will drop trophies which can be equipped to a hero's miscellaneous slot. An enemy fighting a hero with a trophy dropped from his creature-type has reduced will (an increased likelihood of panic, susceptibility to spells, etc.).

Hatred: If an enemy is suffering a debilitating status effect this hero gains a bonus attack against it.


Narrow Broad: Female hero has % chance to die every time she generates a child.

Fumbler: Hero has a % chance to become disarmed with every attack, a % chance to hit any ally within range if he misses his target, and a reduced chance to hit.

Walk Much?: Hero has y% chance to fall prone for every x steps he takes; y stacks.

Bullheaded: The game engine ghosts a projected course of action for this character as if he were computer-controlled. When the player's command is categorically distinct from the projected action (movement vs attack vs special ability) there's a % chance this character will ignore the player's command and take the projected action instead.

Concussion: If this hero's head takes any damage there's an x% chance he's stunned, y% chance he's knocked unconcious and z% chance he dies, scaling up according to the amount of damage taken.

Coward: This hero has permanently reduced will and his will can't be increased over z maximum even if a will-buffing item is equipped.

Hatred: If an enemy's body is intact after this hero kills it the hero will spend the following round destroying atleast one limb of the enemy.


Bookworm: Hero advances faster under tutelage (in a keep or sent to research) but gains reduced xp through combat.

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Giant: hero is twice the size of a normal hero and has increased strength reach and HP, but they have a shorter lifespan, not many with this trait live past 60

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Dyslexic: Penalty to research and magic

Animal Whisperer: Mages can become druids, Archers and Warriors become Hunters or Rangers, a "critical" version of this allows the Hero to bond with an animal or call for aid.

Craftsman: Bonus to Smithing/Forging/Construction, allows the Hero to create improvised weapons in the field

Lycanthropy: Possibly derived from demonic corruption, the Hero under certain conditions will become feral and threaten friend and foe

Narcissist: Hero will stop at any reflective surface or object to admire themselves and forfeit the remainder of their turn.

Selfless: Will throw themselves between an attacker and a nearby Hero in peril

Sickly: Tires easily, weaker melee damage, more susceptible to poison and plague/pestilence

Prodigy: Learns Skills, Abilities and Talents at lower levels, or a bonus to XP earned

Dumb Luck: Huge chance of a critical success following a critical fail

Singleminded: After attacking one Demon, will refuse to attack enemy or perform another action until the original mark is slain

Tone Deaf: War Cries and Battlesongs are diminished in effectiveness, in extreme cases would be a penalty

Empath/Telepath: greater chance of performing combos with any Hero

Tactician: Can occasionally predict where Demons are within the fog of war

Glass Jaw: Critical attacks from Demons cause the Hero to faint/swoon

Allergies: Inopportune sneezing alerts enemies to the Hero's presence

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Relentless Assault : Critical Hits allow the character to attack again

Strong Throat: All War Cry effects from this character have a doubled area of effect

Blazing Soul: Magic can be used more often, with increased effectiveness


Unrestrained Hate: Character has a chance to break from control and charge the closest enemy, regardless of their own safety

Creeping Mortality: Stat penalties for serious injury are increased

Hesitant:Attempting to use magic on foes near allies can cause this character to lose their turn

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paranoid - no lunger suffers flanking penalties, but has reduced chance to hit while allies are nearby.

apathetic - gains no benefits from morale bonuses but no longer suffers the penalties, either, while being more resistant to fears, charms and similar effects.

kindness - deals less damage, but heals more. builds affinity quicker.

restraint - when dealing a finishing blow, the excess is avoided to allow the bearer to act earlier than he would otherwise.

snark knight - will taunt enemies when they miss or fumble, reducing their chance to land further attacks. Will occasionally do the same to allies.

split personality - the bearer can act as if the secondary job were a main job.

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Arogent Will not bock/perry attacks from demons of a lower level than the hero.

Practiced Parent Provide bonus to xp transfered to childern under their care. (this could be an earned trait for heroes that have raised 3+ heroes.)

Longshanks Increased movement

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Sagely: Larger mana pool.

Lightfooted: Ignores movement penalties associated with difficult terrain.

Stout: Minor HP regeneration in combat, quicker post-battle recovery.

Sturdy: Resists enemy attacks which force movement.

Quick to Act: Massive movement speed boost during the first round of combat.

Bloodthirsty: Improved attacks against enemies below half health.

Insightful: Partially ignores enemies' block/dodge chance.

Persistent: Improved accuracy against an enemy that the character missed last turn.

Excitable: Active skills deal addition damage but cost more mana than usual.

Iron Willed: When hit by a psychic attack, deals a percentage of damage back to the attacker.

Stoic: Can move freely through flaming tiles or similar.

Opportunistic: Improved crit rate against debuffed enemies.

Inspiring: Each turn, allies within X squares regain some HP.

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There's a metric ton of good ideas here. I haven't read them all, but I'd like to add (if nobody talked about such ideas) perks taking advantage of all the bloodline/epic timeline stuffs.

Family Guy : boost moral of every member of his bloodline in the vicinity, becomes slower when left alone

Don Juan/Doña Juana : enemy of the opposite sex will have less probability to hit (yes, even demons)

Mama's Boy/Papa's Girl : only valuable when near an opposite sex parent.

Autist : critical buff to intelligence when left alone, chance to go berserk when surrounded (by friends or foes)

Let him grow up : better when far from any bloodline member

Lots of swimers : twice the amount of childs

The thinker : do double the damage after a turn doing nothing (any attack will break his thoughts)

And a last idea, theme of Benjamin Button but for me it obviously comes from Dan Simmons Hyperion :

Backward Aging : probably coming from a demonic teinted bloodline, the character is aging backward, beginning with full potential, and his level is goind down as long as he "gain" XP. You have to constantly reassign him his spells/abilities cause each time he's resting, he loses his memory. Needs a bloodline member around to not fall apart on the battlefield.

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Rough and Tumble: Morale and stat boost per hit taken.

Trickster: Gains a morale boost each time a rogue skill is used within x tiles/squares of the hero.

Brawler: Gains a stat boost each time a fighter skill is used within x tiles/squares of the hero.

Mana Addict: Gains a minor hp regain each time a spell is cast within x tiles/squares of the hero.

Adonis: Raise to all physical stats.

Cerebral: Raise to all mental stats.

Sociopath: Unaffected by ally deaths.

Bleeding Heart: Hero takes damage if over half the party is fallen.

Unapproachable: Units in adjacent tiles/squares have a chance of taking damage each time this hero activates. Reduced chance of having children.

Dragon Breath(Halitosis): Units in front of the hero recoil 1 square/tile at the beginning of the turn. Reduced chance of having children.

Long in the Tooth: 1/2 xp gain. Bonus to Atk and all types of defense(parry, block, evade). (This is a trait for older heroes who aren't retired after a certain age. Representing the maxim "I may be old, but i cheat real good.")

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Hairy Beast: Character's dense hair helps partially deflect or lessen melee attacks in combat.


Leper: Negative buffs to others around this character in combat.

Pacifist: 'We can settle things outside of combat.'

Red Hair: Enough said.


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Giant Smile: The character cannot stop :D. It acts as a morale boost to nearby teammates if this character falls however morale will take a hit. Also one tooth may fall out but does not ruin the smile.

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Magic-Blooded - Innate level-zero (simple; cantrips; small; support) spells (whether Mage or not)

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