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Dropchord Support FAQ

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Dropchord support page! Dropchord is a fast paced, heart pounding arcade game currently available for PC /Mac with the Leap Motion Controller and the Ouya. If you’ve purchased Dropchord and are having issues with the game, refer to the FAQ below!

If this FAQ is not sufficient, please email support@doublefine.com with your problem(s) and a more detailed answer should get to you in the next 24 hours, barring holidays and/or hangovers.

General FAQ

1. What are the system requirements for this game?

These are the system requirements. Please ensure that your system meets or exceeds the hardware/software requirements below.

PC requirements:


Windows 7 or 8

500 Mb Hard Drive Space

Intel Core i3 or higher

4 Gb of Ram

Radeon HD 4000 series / Geforce 9800 series or higher


Mac requirements:


OS X 10.7 and up

500 Mb Hard Drive Space

Intel Core 2 Duo or higher

4 Gb of Ram

Radeon HD 4000 series / Geforce 9800 series or higher


2. Why is there only one mode? Where’s Full Mix Mode.

Full Mix mode is unlocked after you play at least one game of the Standard Play mode. You don’t have to completely finish the Standard Play, you only have to enter it once. This is to orient you to how the game plays before you throw yourself Full Mix Mode.

Full Mix mode is a non-stop mode that perpetually continues until you’re health (in-game) is depleted.

3. How do I exit the game?

To exit the game you must be in the Main Title menu. When in the menu, simply press the “Esc” key and that will automatically take your out of the game.

4. How do I play this game?

Having set up the Leap Motion Device properly, you’ll want to keep your two index fingers within the Leap Motion’s area of detection. The combination of both of the index fingers will create the game beam. Crossing this beam with “notes” and “sync pads” will add to your score, whereas striking “scratches” will result in loss of life and your score multiplier.

Hitting all of the notes within the time limit while also avoiding the scratches will add to your multiplier. The multiplier will continue to add provided you complete the previous conditions. However, if you hit a scratch or allow the time limit to expire before you’ve hit all of the notes, your multiplier will be lost.

The “hold” sections of the Standard Play mode are a bit different. You must guide the points with your fingers and hold them onto a “note” until it disappears. The number on the note indicates how many finger points it needs to be completed.

After a few minutes of play you will encounter the sync pads. To activate these, you must spin the game beam over them. To spin the beam, create a quick, swipe motion with your hand, leaving the Leap Motion detection area. Keeps the direction in mind as later puzzles have scratches impeding you from spinning any direction you please.

5. The game crashes-

WOAH you don’t need to continue that sentence, please email support@doublefine.com with details on your device, what you are/were doing at the time of the crash, as well as any other information that might even be tangentially related to your device’s performance. We definitely didn’t mean for it to happen, and we’ll try to make sure it’s fixed ASAP.

Also, most users that have issues crashing on startup on the PC/Mac have reported that updating your graphics drivers will fix the issue.

Leap Motion FAQs

1. My Leap Motion device isn’t working!

If you are having issues with the Leap device or do not know how to install it, please refer to the Leap’s own FAQ and hopefully you will find what you are looking for.


2. The controls are all wonky for me!

There might be little issues that causes your finger inputs to not work the way you want them to. Check the Leap Motion device for smudges or dirt. Make sure the device is calibrated correctly, and/or if it is aligned properly across from you. Playing a darker room will also help the device read your inputs.

3. I am getting a white screen when I start gameplay!

This issue have been reported to be caused by overclocking software. If you are encountering the issue, turn off any overclocking programs that you may have running.

Ouya FAQ

1. I’ve only played the game twice and now I can’t!

Dropchord on the Ouya is played with credits. The user is given 2 free credits in the beginning and must purchase more if they wish to play.

To enter the “Add Credits” menu, press the “Y” button while on the main menu. You will be given two purchasing options. $0.99 will give you 10 credits, while paying a onetime fee of $2.99 will unlock unlimited play.

2. I can’t purchase credits! It says there is something wrong with my internet!

In these cases it usually happens when you enter dropchord for the first time before your connected is completely setup. Exiting Dropchord and starting it again would fix this issue.

3. I lost a credit when my Ouya shut down!

We are sorry for any accidental loss of credits. Any action that causes the player to leave the game during Full Mix, or Standard Play mode would cause a credit to be eaten.

iOS/Android FAQ

1. The framerate in the game is very low!

If the game is playing very choppy, you might be playing in a visual quality that is higher than what your device can handle.

To lower the visual quality of the game you must enter the options menu and highlight the "Visual Quality" circle. From here you have the choice of "Standard" "High" and "The Future". Try to play around with these settings to see which works best for you.

2. I scored a million-kajillion points on Standard play! Why am I not in the world leaderboards!

The world, and the local leaderboards only record the "Full Mix" mode scores. Standard play is more of a warm up to acclimate you to the game's patterns.

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