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DF Game Club: Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening

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DOUBLE FINE GAME CLUB: Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening: (starting 3rd of August)

The Double Fine Game Club is a community run weekly event where interested gamers play through and come together to discuss what they do and don't like about a particular game (sort of like a book club, but for games). We usually aim to play one or two hours a week, and we normally have somebody streaming the current game so that those who don't have the game or don't feel like playing it again can still feel involved.

Discussion takes place here in the forums and on the Double Fine Game Club home page. Game Club is a very informal weekly chat, and everyone is welcome!

Previous game: Sam & Max: The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball

Next Game: Simon The Sorcerer


» » » CLICK HERE TO JOIN « « «


- 3rd August, 09:00PM UTC (click for your time zone): 1st game session (stream) and general discussion (log)


During a scary thunderstorm, Pajama Sam journeys through his attic and up into the clouds to World Wide Weather. While confronting a surprisingly kind Thunder and Lightning, Sam accidentally causes a major malfunction and so is tasked with retrieving several missing important parts, before the CEO and president of WWW, Mother Nature, finds out.


- Amazon (Windows CD)

- iTunes Store (iPad, iPhone)


- Double Fine Game Club home page (with webchat, stream and session countdown timer)

- Game Club IRC: #DFAdventure on irc.foonetic.net (use the link above if you're not sure)

- @DFGameClub on Twitter (keep track of announcements)

- Game Club planning thread

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Thanks to everybody who came today! Chat log and stream archive are up in the first post there. Don't forget to leave some thoughts on the game.

The thread is up for our next game, Simon The Sorcerer!

Since it's relevant, I'll share something Ron talked about during his keynote speech at PAX Australia. Apparently watching a kid who couldn't read play Monkey Island and still thoroughly enjoy interacting with things was hugely inspirational for Ron and was one of the factors leading to the formation of Humongous Entertainment, and their focus on young-audience-friendly point and click games with an emphasis on environmental interactivity. Ron also talked about how a visit to a tradeshow where another developer was showing off something with traditional animation style graphics caused him to panic about how the pixel art that Humongous was doing looked by comparison, leading them to change direction with look and feel to what we see in their games today.

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