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Update #28: Teamstream #7 This Friday, Boardgame Night with Tim Tomorrow!

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Last Teamstream we had a great time talking with MASSIVE CHALICE team members Geoff and Chad, reviewing some of our keep designs and talking about hero traits and genetics! This time we’re going to be talking all about Hero Classes with plenty of new artwork from Derek Brand to back up our ideas! Teamstream #7 is this Friday, September 27th at 4PM Pacific (23:00 GMT)! Tune in live at Double Fine's Twitch channel, and make sure you bring some questions for the Q&A at the end! :D!

Board Game Night Tomorrow!

Hopefully you had a chance to tune in last Wednesday for game night with Tim, Brad and MASSIVE CHALICE backer, Eric. Of course, if you missed it you can always watch it on our YouTube channel. OR you could tune in tomorrow around 6PM Pacific (01:00 GMT) where we are having yet ANOTHER game night with Tim! We’ll be broadcasting live at Double Fine's Twitch channel and this time MASSIVE CHALICE backer David will be joining the shenanigans!

Random Piece of Awesome Art!

Check out this concept of MASSIVE CHALICE’S strategic map from Derek. This represents what you would see in between battles as you manage the various keeps.


In case you can’t make the livestream you can find all our Teamstreams on the Double Fine YouTube channel here.

As always be sure to head over to the MASSIVE CHALICE BLOG where we post the latest news from the team!

If a topic discussed by the team or your fellow backers gets you excited, happy, upset or anything in-between then talk to us about it! The best way to do that is to head over to the MASSIVE CHALICE FORUMS and start a discussion.

See you tomorrow and Friday!

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Aw, I am going to have to miss this one. Look forward to watching the archived stream.


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TeamStream of Consciousness Version 1

This project has stressed Brad out so much his hair lost its' color! Yet he hasn't gained the wisdom which turns your beard white.

Why not have a House Sigil displayed as an icon floating above character's heads and/or besides their names? X-com flags weren't hard to see; what're you, playing on a 2x2 inch monitor? They helped you identify rookies you'dn't taken the time to paint and gave the soldiers character.


Mass Effect had a simple 3 pure classes with 3 hybrid classes system. In ME2 they added a unique ability for each class. MC hybrids could do the same thing: half from each pure classes list. Or each class could have a primary and secondary tier of skills, the primary skills are more potent than the secondary, and cross-classing delivers to the player a character with Class A's Primary skilltree and Class B's Secondary skill tree. By design The Primary skill tree would also be more role-focused while the Secondary skill tree would be more utilitarian.

Paladin? Ah thought there wouldn't be healing let alone lay-on-hands in the game.

Y'all's 3-word arrangement is akin to Numenera's Pronoun Noun who Verbs like Genius Nano who Wields Power with Precision.

Taurens are cabertoss inspired.


Y'all could make the Caber one of those native american things what have a stack of animal faces carved into a log.


Vanguard has a counter-attack ability which triggers when he's attacked, gains a bonus to hit and damage when he's the only hero targeting an enemy, has an ability to attempt disarming an opponent or destroying his weapon instead of doing damage. Instead of moving or attacking he could target an ally to buff the ally's chance to hit and critical. Fellcaller's in Hordes fit the warcry class template. Cymbals were supposed to be a means of psychological warfare, coming from the music-disdaining muslims, but the europeans who captured them, being a more metal people, thought crashing-cymbal-clamor sounded cool and incorporated it into their bands. Cymbal bucklers could make enemies want to leave the area around the duelist, a means for this low-hp class to get out of near-death situations. A sword he blows into could be set to vibrate at different frequencies: one mode being higher crit chance, another higher default damage, a third better accuracy, a fourth bonus initiative so he has a lot of versatility and gives players options in what attributes they believe would best help against a given enemy. A Vanguard could have abilities to punish an enemy who tries to leave/escape combat with him or prevent such action outright so that when he's fighting he has an enemy locked into 1v1.

Arbalist sounds like an operator. He should be able to mark targets so they take bonus damage from incoming attacks, have a slower attack rate with a much higher chance for headshots, has an ability to sample a map texture to blend in with the background so enemies have a reduced chance to see him until he leaves the texture he sampled for his gilly suite, can fire shots so high in the air they come straight down onto a targeted area (scatter effect chance optional) skipping intervening terrain, trick shots like flaming, explosives, poison, tether lines to tie an enemy down...

Alchemist could have higher AoE damage balanced out by greater risk: sometimes his explosives go off when he's holding them; sometimes they go off not the turn he throws them but on the spot they landed 1 or 2 turns later; sometimes they bounce/roll and land short or far of where he aimed and the explosions are just as dangerous for him and his allies as for his enemies. In La Crosse, players constantly must cradle the ball. If the Alchemist carried items similarly, there could be a mechanic where he could have multiple explosives prepped to throw at once, but the more he's carrying and the further he's moving with them in a round the greater the chance he drops one. Giant Glove looks like a Powerfist. The spikes on a La Crosse stick look badass, like upside-down snake fangs. They don't need to be functional, could just look cool and if someone's n00b enough to try to use the ranged class in melee it's his own fault.

Roma could have a skirmish ability (can leave combat without penalty, charge a target with a minimum distance even from a standstill or while in combat with someone else), knife-throws as short ranged attacks (lack the distance of archers and the area of effect of grenadiers) which cost fewer action points (so they can perform more attacks, attack multiple targets, or do a ranged attack and then closed), and perhaps has an ammo limit (can do x knife throws and then must close to melee). Roma have a chance to steal an item from an enemy with every attack they land in melee.

Some Falconer / Arm-guard inspiration






Archaelogist/Battlesmith "What if it was a chain with a hammer at the end?"


In feudal Japan there was the above weapon, a Kusarigama or "Chain and Sickle". The idea was you whirled a weight around on a chain and let it fly to smash your opponent's head open, or if you miss break a bone, tangle up his weapon, etc. If he closes (or you close after tangling him up) it's slashy-slash time with the sickle.

In Europe Warhammer's could pierce a helmet to prick the ooey-gooey brain inside. It wouldn't be too crazy a concept to combine these ideas with a chain-weapon ending in a hammerhead to crush bones and pierce armor.


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There are so few games that let you play as a crossbow-guy. The Arbalist is easily the thing in this stream that excited me the most.

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Super stoked about all the pre-production action that was revealed this Teamstream! Of course, the Strategic Map looks fantastic! When is Production slated to start?

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