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Game Club F.A.Q.

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The Double Fine Game Club is a community run weekly event where interested gamers play through and come together to discuss what they do and don't like about a particular game (sort of like a book club, but for games). From time to time, we've also been joined by awesome developers who've shared their thoughts and memories with us. As of June 2015, Game Club is on hiatus until further notice.

We usually aim to play one or two hours a week, and we normally have somebody streaming the current game so that those who don't have the game or don't feel like playing it again can still feel involved.

Discussion takes place here in the forums and on the Double Fine Game Club home page. Game Club is a very informal weekly chat, and everyone is welcome!


Open up the Game Club web page at 21:00 Saturday UTC (1:00pm PST) and pick a name to use with the the webchat widget. If you prefer to use an IRC client for chat, join the #DFAdventure IRC channel on irc.foonetic.net. Easy!

The Game Club web page also has a convenient countdown timer and a link to time zone conversions!

If you can, play through the game in your own time. It also wouldn't hurt to read through the Advice For Viewers post below.


We post a thread for each game in the General Discussion subforum on the Double Fine website and tweet announcements from @DFGameClub.


Game Club is meant to be about discussion, and whilst we have streamed interviews before, we feel that having commentary over the game itself would dominate the text based IRC discussion where everybody can have an equal voice.


The following posts have some recommendations on how to get the most out of Game Club:

- Past Game Club Sessions (2012 - 2013)

- Past Game Club Sessions (2014)

- Game Club Rating Guide

- Advice For Viewers

- Advice For Developers & Special Guests

- Advice For Streamers

- Advice For Organisers


At the end of each year, we run a survey and create a new thread for planning and organising. The current one can be found here (Warning: they get pretty long).

- 2015 planning thread

- 2014 planning thread

- 2013 planning thread

- 2012 planning thread


No, but shh.

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2012: BROKEN AGE BACKER ONLY (stored in archived forums that are no longer publicly accessible)

Coordinated by Double Fine's Greg Rice.

- Day of the Tentacle

(26th March, 2012)

- Full Throttle with Greg's Mom

(26th April, 2012)

- Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers with Jane Jensen

(5th May, 2012)

- Sword & Sworcery: EP with Craig Adams

(29th May, 2012)

2012: COMMUNITY RUN (planning thread)

Game Club is passed over to the community as Greg's free time is eaten up by Broken Age.

- Gemini Rue with Joshua Nuernberger

(14th July, 2012)

- Machinarium

(11th August, 2012)

- The Secret Of Monkey Island

(25th August, 2012)

- The Journey Down: Chapter 1 with Theodor Waern and Henrik Englund

(22nd September, 2012)

- Beneath a Steel Sky

(6th October, 2012)

- Sam & Max Hit The Road

(27th October, 2012)

- Botanicula

(17th November, 2012)

- Trauma with Krystian Majewski

(8th December, 2012)

- Ben There, Dan That with Ben Ward and Dan Marshall

(15th December, 2012)

- Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure with Cassie and Ryan Creighton

(29th December, 2012)

GAME CLUB 2013 (survey & planning thread)

Game Club's expansion into non-adventure games, our first Double Fine game. New streamers, new guests, rating templates and this lovely FAQ.

- Police Quest 1 Josh Mandel

(5th January, 2013)

- Time Gentlemen, Please with Ben Ward and Dan Marshall

(2nd February, 2013)

- The Cave with Ron Gilbert, plus interview

(23rd February, 2013)

- Sam & Max: Culture Shock with Jake Rodkin

(9th March, 2013)

- Portal

(23rd March, 2013)

- The Last Express

(30th March, 2013)

- Loom with Brian Moriarty

(27th April, 2013)

- Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge with Ron Gilbert

(4th May, 2013)

- Gravity Bone & Thirty Flights of Loving with Chris Remo

(25th May, 2013)

- Sam & Max: Situation: Comedy with Daniel Herrera

(1st June, 2013)

- Another World

(15th June, 2013)

- Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside

(13th June, 2013)

- Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

(29th June, 2013)

- Sam & Max: The Mob, The Mole and the Meatball

(20th July, 2013)

- Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening

(3rd August, 2013)

- Simon the Sorcerer

(10th August, 2013)

- Kentucky Route Zero: Act 1 with Jake Elliot, Tamas Kemenczy and Ben Babbit

(31st August, 2013)

- Gretel and Hansel: Chapters 1 and 2

(14th September, 2013)

- The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief with Marco Rosenberg

(21st September, 2013)

- Costume Quest with Tasha Haris, Gabe Miller, Anna Kipnis, Mark Hamer and David Gardner plus interview

(12th October, 2013)

- Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis with Hal Barwood

(2nd November, 2013)

- Gone Home with Steve Gaynor, Chris Remo and Johnnemann Nordhagen

(23rd November, 2013)

- Kentucky Route Zero: Act 2 with Jake Elliott

(7th December, 2013)

- Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice with Tasha Harris and Gabe Miller

(21st December, 2013)

- Host Master & Host Master Deux with Marius Winter and Klint Honeychurch

(28th December, 2013)

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GAME CLUB 2014 (survey & planning thread)

Continuing Game Club into its third year!

- Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet with Dave Grossman

(4th January, 2014)

- Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold with Josh Mandel and Paavo Härkönen

(4th January, 2014)

- Lume & Aether with Luke Whittaker

(1st February, 2014)

- Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

(8th February, 2014)

- Broken Age, Act 1 with Tim Schafer and Oliver Franzke plus interview

(15th March, 2014)

- The Book of Unwritten Tales with Marco Rosenberg

(5th April, 2014)

- Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal" with Brad Carlton and Sandy Spangler

(10th May, 2014)

- Kentucky Route Zero, Act III with Tamas Kemenczy and Jake Elliot

(24th May, 2014)

- Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die! with Dave Grossman, Nick Herman, Emily Morganti and Daniel Harrera

(14th June, 2014)

- The Fall with John Warner and Danielle Lovell

(28th June, 2014)

- The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief: Chapter 2

(12th July, 2014)

- Toonstruck with Keith Arem

(2nd August, 2014)

- The Maker’s Eden, Act I with Jaco Gerber, Delyth Angharad and Ben Burnes

(23rd August, 2014)

- Sam & Max: Reality 2.0

(30th August, 2014)

- Stranded with Peter Moorhead

(13th September, 2014)

- Stacking with Lee Petty and Chad Dawson plus interview

(20th September, 2014)

- Papo & Yo with Rommel Romero

(11th October, 2014)

- The Journey Down Chapter 2 with Theodor Waern, Henrik Englund and Mathias Johansson

(1st November, 2014)

- Jazzpunk

(22nd November, 2014)

- Maniac Mansion with Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick and David Fox

(5th December, 2014)

- A Vampyre Story with Bill Tiller and Gene Mocsy

(27th December, 2014)

GAME CLUB 2015 (survey & planning thread)

[insert neat subtitle here]

- Violett

(24th January 2015)

- Grim Fandango Remastered with Tim Schafer, Bret Mogilefsky, Matt Hansen, Brandon Dillon, Oliver Franzke, Lee Petty

(7th February 2015)

- Spy Fox 2: Some Assembly Required with Sandy Spangler and Leah Verre

(7th March 2015)

- Discworld 2: Missing Presumed ...!?

(21st March 2015)

- Sam & Max: Bright Side of the Moon with Emily Morganti, John "Seg" Seggerson and Daniel Herrera

(11th April 2015)

- Sam & Max: Ice Station Santa with Jared Emerson-Johnson, Dave Grosman and Heather Logas

(25th April 2015)

- Broken Age, Part 2 with Oliver Franzke, Anna Kipnis, Nathan "Bagel" Stapley and David Gardner

(25th April 2015)

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To help frame people's thoughts, we've put together a rating system which encourages people to consider which aspects of a game work well and which ones don't. Each of the following categories, which give opportunities for both objective and subjective thoughts, are given a rating from zero to 10 to make a combined score out of 50.

- Story (pacing, depth, characterisation, world/environemnt, etc.)

- Usability (input device support, learning curve, intuitiveness, accessibility, etc.)

- Gameplay (difficulty, variety vs consistency, soundness and execution of mechanics, how gameplay fits with the presentation of the game, etc.)

- Assets (music, voice, visual style, animation, foley, production values, consistency, etc.)

- Impact (personal impact, lastability/timelessness, overall enjoyability, immersion, replayability, etc.)

You can copy and paste this template into your own post, replacing the numbers with your own values and adding any extra comments you like:

My Rating:

 [b]Story: 0-10[/b]

 [b]Usability: 0-10[/b]

 [b]Gameplay: 0-10[/b]

 [b]Assets: 0-10[/b]

 [b]Impact: 0-10[/b]

 [b]Overall: 0-50[/b]

 [b]Completed: Yes/No [/b]


or use the short version:

My Rating:

 Story: 0-10, Usability: 0-10, Gameplay: 0-10, Assets: 0-10, Impact: 0-10

 Overall: 0-50

 Completed: Yes/No


Here's an expanded example from an earlier game:


Story: 6 (Atmosphere was more compelling than the story itself, pacing was good. New Nico stuff seemed more polished, but had closure very early on in the game)

Usability: 6 (Verb icons were nice and readable, as were characters and interactive points. Stretched res option is a plus)

Gameplay: 7 (Good variety of mechanics, long waits for walking were slightly irritating)

Assets: 6 (Graphics were great, and animation was top notch, but voice acting was pretty awful)

Impact: 6 (Ending was pretty abrupt, air of mystique and intrigue was good, not sure if I'd say it was as enjoyable as BaSS though)

Overall: 31

Completed: Yes

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Here are some suggestions to help make Game Club more fun for attendees!

- Respect the Double Fine Action Forums "Guide to Decency"

- Engage in discussion between sessions in the relevant forum thread

- Play a couple of hours' worth of the game during the week if possible

- Participate in IRC discussion

- Share your post-game impressions and a Game Club rating on the relevant forum thread

- If you use Twitter, follow the @DFGameClub Twitter feed

- Help spread the word by inviting frineds or other people you think might be interested in Game Club

- Suggest games you'd like to see played for Game Club in the current planning thread

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You've just found out that the Game Club community is planning to play through your game! Here are some things to consider which can make Game Club more enjoyable:

- Mention/highlight Game Club to your community if appropriate

- If the Game Club organisers haven't gotten in touch and you'd like to join us, please get our attention by either tweeting to @DFGameClub or posting in the thread for your game in the General Discussion forum.

- Join the #DFAdventure IRC channel on irc.foonetic.net or try the Game Club home page chat widget beforehand to make sure that things are working at your end

- Keep organisers apprised of when you will be showing up or leaving so that they can give you an introduction/farewell

- Feel free to be as anecdotal as you like!

- Post in the relevant forum thread if you're inclined

- Please don't consider Game Club to be advertising a competing game developer. If anything it's the opposite - it's our community celebrating your game!

If you have a game that you think would be suitable for Game Club, feel free to post in the current planning thread! We'd love to hear from you!

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When streaming, your playing drives the discussion! Here are some good guidelines to keep in mind to give yourself and Game Club attendees a great experience:

- Do thorough testing on a separate Twitch channel prior to Game Club (the day before at the latest to avoid last minute panic)

- Back up your saves (put them somewhere that fallback streamers can get access to if needed)

- Mention the Game Club website, #DFAdventure IRC channel and Double Fine forums at the beginning of each session

- Mention any special guests at the beginning of the session

- Mention the next game at the end of the last session

- Turn off any applications that may make sound or visual alerts during the session, including the Steam overlay (most chat programs allow for disabling sound and pop-ups)

- At the start/end of streams, avoid playing music or showing stuff that isn't related to/a part of the game

- Tidy up desktop backgrounds and icons just in case the game crashes (don't want to get caught with something embarrassing)

- Stay aware of scheduled session start and end times

- If another computer or laptop is available, use that to chat/interact with the IRC channel (if it doesn’t detract from the game)

- Play through the game prior to streaming and (if needed), have a guide or walkthrough handy

If you're interested in volunteering to stream, post in the planning thread!

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Organising Game Club isn't hard and doesn't take a lot of time, but there are a few things to keep track of (which are usually shared between organisers)):

- Plan several games ahead

- Use planning thread to discuss and coordinate games, sessions and other activities

- Politely contact developers ahead of time to invite them to join/help promote sessions (via website contact forms, twitter, email, etc.)

- Update the first post in the current forum thread with chat logs (via pastebin - keep an eye on the expiry time) and Stream archives

- Archive streams using the "save forever" link on Twitch

- Update game details on Twitch

- Prepare title card ahead of each new game

- Prepare forum threads ahead of time so that they can be put up during/just before the end of the current game (using the forum thread template/generator)

- Tweet announcements during the week, within 24 hours from each session, within an hour of a session, and when the session closes with links to forum threads or the Game Club web page where appropriate

- Tweet additional announcements about delays, special guests and upcoming games

- Post in the relevant forum thread when a session is about to start (share this between organisers to avoid double posting)

- Encourage on-topic forum discussion

- Guide IRC chat towards critique of the game being played

- Create new Steam group events

- Conduct regular (yearly?) surveys to get additional feedback on Game Club direction

- Maintain/update the website as needed (manage github repo, etc.)

- Keep DF contacts (Chris and Greg) up to speed on Game Club happenings

- Keep an eye on Twitch.tv chat and redirect people to the IRC channel and stream page

- Keep this shiny new FAQ up to date (if possible)).

If you'd like to help out with organising please post in the current planning thread!

We should also take some time to recognise Game Club organisers and streamers, past and present, who gave up their time to help keep this shindig running:

- Greg Rice

- jonathanfrisby

- Arthur

- Syd

- lietu

- Mimness


- Permafry_24

- Cheeseness

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