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[BUG] Floating key... OF DOOOMMMM!!!!

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Not sure if this is a random or repeatable, but I found a weird bug which can happen. Here's the steps I took:

1. At the end of the game have the Time Traveler get past the locked door and bring back the alternate gift shop items (dog, trophy, and gold).

2. Have someone else hold the key.

3. Have the Time Traveler (presumably it would work with any non-key holding person) leave the Cave.


The key acted like it was still in the Adventurer's hand, but was floating quite a distance to her right. When the Adventurer dropped the key it landed on the floor normally and no longer exhibits this bug.

EDIT: To clarify what is seen in the attached picture, when the Adventurer was in a resting (more front facing) position, the key appeared to be floating to her right. I moved her just before I snapped the screenshot, so her right side was facing the player and therefore the key was floating in front of everything.

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