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Just wondering how the Keep and Capital City interaction will be handled.

Will it be something similar to how we know it from the Heroes Of Might And Magic games, with clickable buildings and show the interaction from there, or will there be no interaction but just a menu, or will it be a fully interactive area where you can walk your keep holder around?

If you're going with the Heroes Of Might And Magic look, which seems to me to be the most aestethicgally pleasing while also being more economical, will we see changes happening to the look of the keep when you finish research?

And how about adding a tavern, and maybe the keep holders can get into a bar-fight and gain a small amount of combat XP, or gain a negative perk like Alcoholic?

Also, this is logically the place where all the bards gather... :P

EDIT: The tavern would be a building that you'd need to research and give a small bonus to generating "rumors", the random events, of events like the possible location of an ancient relic.

The bar-fight thing could be selectable, you'd want your keep lord to get into a fight. This might be beneficial if they are already near to leveling up when you placed them in the keep and want to get them up to that level. The added downside would be that they would have an increased chance of becoming an "alcoholic" halving the keeps output of gold and research.

And maybe if the lord would get legendary status due to a bar-fight, they could drop a special relic, maybe a dented tankard, that would give additional stat bonuses, like increased stamina and toughness but with a penalty to accuracy.

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