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My Costume Quest Robot Costume!

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Ever since I even saw and heard of Costume Quest I knew I'd love it and it was nothing less than magical when I played it October 2012. This year I was faced with a few costume ideas and I knew I wanted to try making a Costume Quest costume in honor of the game because I think that would be way rad in kind for the great games Double Fine make and the great people that make them. So, with my using the Robot costume a lot in the game and the ease of materials, I committed to that. A weekend+ worth of work, including help from two lovely parents, later and I'm extremely proud of what I made. I dare say it's the most complete rendition of the robot costume as a costume I've seen, although there have been some great ones over the years.

This is my love letter to the game, the developers, and the community of people. Happy Halloween everybody!




There are more pictures but I managed to get these small enough just through cropping where the others are best left intact and so might find other ways of posting those. Either way, let me know what you think and I would love to see more CQ costumes from this year.

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